Raw Erotica Author
Chicago, IL
Contact Info:
Website: Succulent Raw Erotica


I write erotica. That's what I do. What I say may be different from other authors, and that’s perfectly fine. My shit might be a little more raunchy than you’re used to, and you’ll eventually get

over it, if you continue to read my catalog.

I will warn you. I don't use an editor.

ALL OF MY MATERIAL IS RAW. And it’s raw for a reason.

It’s too much fake shit going on, I chose to do something to keep me and my work authentic. I’d ask you not to be judgmental, but I’d be doing myself a disservice.

Erotica is for everyone... yet somehow, I've found myself engaging on multiple levels. I've never been shy when it comes to sex. Honestly, I can't stand a prude. What I do know is... everyone craves it. Sex that is.

Whether you choose to agree openly or not, you've fantasized about it. Especially the things you've said you'll never do. Sit back and enjoy. Maybe they'll entice you to try something new. Maybe they won't.

My only goal is to get you aroused once, then I'll have you hooked.