Welcome to the Exclusive Unicorn Team!

Thank you for choosing our company to help you promote your brand. Based on our conversation, we believe the Bronze package is suitable for your business needs.

The Bronze package consists of:

  • An Online eCommerce Storefront: You will receive a personalized eCommerce storefront on our website. You are free to customize your biography and any contact information you would like to share. Any merchandise you choose to promote will appear in the order you prefer. Each item will be on display from this page, allowing your supporters to shop without visiting multiple pages to view your catalog. We will include the analytics from your bit.ly link with your weekly revenue deposit.

  • Wholesale Pricing: You will purchase merchandise at wholesale pricing. Your inventory on the storefront will reflect the price point of your choice, allowing you to decide how much revenue you would like to make per item. If you need items for an event or giveaway, your wholesale price remains the same. You will not be responsible for any taxes on the merchandise sold on our website. We also offer a sample of the item you are requesting. We want to ensure you are content with the merchandise listed. 

  • Weekly Revenue Deposit: Weekly sales begin on Sunday and end on Saturday. Your deposit will be delivered to your PayPal account by 7 PM CST on Sundays. Each week, you will receive a sales tracker. See the sample below.​

  • Hassle-Free Shipping: We handle all of your shipping needs. We package items with sufficient padding to ensure safe arrival to their destination. Processing time is three to five (3-5) business days, excluding weekends and major holidays. Customers will choose how they prefer their items shipped. Each package will contain an image of your logo near the shipping label to guarantee your customer knows their package has arrived. If an item arrives damaged, please have the customer submit a replacement email, attaching a photo of the packing slip, shipping package, and the damaged item to shopexclusiveunicorn@outlook.com or utilize the returns/exchanges tab on the website. We will be glad to replace their item and ship it priority mail once the damaged item is received. Only items damaged during shipping are eligible for replacement. Customers are responsible for the cost associated with return shipping.

  • Branded Packing Slip/Merchandise Tags/Care Instructions: From the resale tags to the packing slip, each item we ship will contain your business name, brand, or logo.

  • Branded Tagless Clothing Labels: Clothing items will be fitted with a tagless label displaying your logo or brand name. You will choose which style of apparel you’d like for your products. We offer a variety of shirt colors, textures, sizes, and cuts to fit the needs of you and your customers.


  • Two Branded Products: We can accommodate multiple items within your two product allotment. Other items we off outside of clothing apparel range from coffee mugs and can koozies to hats and pop sockets. Offering multiple variations of one product does not affect your product total. We love variety. Feel free to add or remove colors as you seek fit.

  • Setup Fee/ Recurring Monthly Charges: There is a $75 setup fee for your storefront. Each storefront takes approximately three (3) weeks to complete. Direct bit.ly links will be provided once a storefront is approved. This fee is refundable within the first forty-eight (48) hours once the payment is received. Once the refund period expires, the fee becomes non-refundable.


Here is what is included in your setup fee:

  • eCommerce storefront

  • bio with interactive links to your website and any information you provide

  • Product mock-ups and a direct link to each product. Bit.ly links are also available for each product upon request

  • Merchandise tags, clothing labels, packing slips, shipping stickers


Recurring Monthly Charge: An invoice will be sent to the email used to register your storefront. This should also be the email connected to your PayPal account. Payments are due by the fifteenth (15th) of the month. There is a three-day (3) grace period to make your payment before your storefront is suspended. If you provide written notice requesting to cancel your membership prior to the 15th, you will not be charged. We charge a $10 late fee. After two (2) months of non-payment, your storefront will be removed from the website. There is a reactivation charge of $150 plus any payments in the arrearage. The reactivation includes any product updates or changes to your storefront.




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